About Us


The Parks Apparel is a modern outdoor lifestyle experience and brand made for the new-age female vagabond. 

Originally inspired by parks across the world, The Parks Apparel has evolved into an encompassing ideal of the wild, the outdoors and the modern day female adventurer. 

By creating a top-of-the-line, trend-setting outdoor lifestyle brand rooted in nature, we believe we can instill a passion for wildlife conservation and environmentalism to the audiences we reach.

Not everything we create is American-made. We have items coming from Guatemala, the Philippines, and other countries. We believe in supporting the cultures and communities of other companies who rely on these jobs. However, all of our Parks Apparel products are made under a 100% no sweatshop policy and are manufactured in W.R.A.P certified production houses.

As an outdoor lifestyle apparel company, we emphasize the importance of green manufacturing. While a few of our clothes are not yet under fully sustainable practices, our goal for The Parks Apparel is to source from the greenest processes that are available to us within 4 years of our inception.

It is the spirit of the explorer and the adventurer that has kept the human spirit full of wonder. We invite you to keep exploring, and keep venturing into new territory to fulfill your sense of curiosity - the memories you will find along your journey are the one's you'll remember forever. 


Wayne & The Parks Team